The word of the first ten years of the new millennium is – definitively – ‘Change’: climate change, environmental change, social change.

– In times of Change it is therefore necessary to Change, and this transformation is known to us as Ecological Transition: a process that goes beyond the passage from one form to another, from one model to the next. It is a true Revolution.

– Cities will be at the centre of this flow: we have to determine a new necessary relationship with Nature and the Environment. It is in them that we overcome the anthropocentric vision by working on the urban fabric, both physical and social, imagining new forms, new uses, new strategies.

– The NEB will be a strategic project in its symbolic will: it will be the place where the project becomes participation (of all people, of the whole environment); where participation becomes experimentation (of projects, of models); where experimentation becomes understanding (of mechanisms, of solutions) and where, finally, the translation of the whole process into a new universal language, comprehensible to all, will be realised.