A container of transformative energies coming from different disciplinary fields
a methodological model that can be used in large urban regeneration projects as well as in the everyday life of new housing models

– Floating Think-Tank
conversations rooted in good practice at local, national and international level as bridges between different disciplinary fields.

– Professionals involved: biologists, geologists, urban geographers, entrepreneurs, farmers, architects, engineers, makers, designers, sociologists, philosophers, historians, writers, artists, communicators

– Bridge 1: Redesigning the river landscape > Citizen Science

– Bridge 2: Converting post-industrial heritage > Urban agriculture

– Bridge 3: Inhabiting the future and sharing spaces > Cohabitation and the commons

– Bridge 4: Creating cultural ecosystems for inclusion > Culture as generative welfare

– Bridge 5: Educating on STEAM subjects and mobilit;  culture > Life Long Learning

Output: online conversations (in the form of podcasts and live streaming); mobile sites of discussion with citizens on floating platforms; a space strongly characterised by vegetation for events; workshops and moments of conviviality.