Turin is a point of contact between Mediterranean Europe and northern Europe. A place of limits and borders, a possible bridge and symbol of the many communities on the threshold of change.

– In the strong awareness that a ‘culture for a green Europe’ can only be developed by taking into account local realities, it is clear that action on the ground is essential to trigger the process of renewal and regeneration, firstly material and then cultural. 

– Work is underway to identify various urban places – mainly with a strong former industrial and productive character – in which to carry out the operations of cultural innovation and the first practical steps of this urban regeneration. The intention is to work on what already exists in order to reinterpret the city in its spaces and contradictions, both architectural and social, through those processes of design for sustainability and inclusion that are at the basis of the NEB’s mission.

– In particular, one of the places in which it was deemed appropriate to express the challenge is the Manifattura Tabacchi architectural complex in Turin.