A group of around 40 people from Turin, professionals and entrepreneurs from various backgrounds and ages, together with institutions such as the Politecnico di Torino and the Circolo del Design shared the idea and the will to become the proposing entity in Turin for actions consistent with the ideas of the New European Bauhaus (NEB) launched by the European Commission in September 2020.

– The challenge that we intend to take on cannot by its very nature be a solo race: looking to the future also means looking beyond our own borders, both mental and physical. For this reason, we are actively looking at open collaborations with other nearby cities – Ivrea, Milan, Genoa – and we also want to amplify the voice of a very rich, intellectually dense Europe, such as the countries bordering the Mediterranean, linking realities of the highest value such as Taranto and Naples.

-The Group’s governance proposal is inspired by existing institutional models, while maintaining the flexibility necessary for the development of concrete actions.

Our ambition is to maintain an independent vision with respect to political and economic equilibriums, and to surround ourselves with high-profile personalities – all aimed at a vision of an inclusive society, city, territory, economy (including the circular economy) and environmental sustainability.